keep [sb/sth] from doing [sth]

EN: Prevent

ESP: Impedir

Ej. sorry to keep you from your work. I shouldn’t have called during working hours.

keep sth up

EN: to continue without stopping or changing.

ES: seguir el ritmo.

 Ej. Keep up the good work!”

keep sth from sb

EN: to not tell someone about something

ES: No contar algo a alguien.

Ej. “He says it’s alright but I think he’s keeping something from me”.

keep on doing sth

EN: to continue to do something, or to do something again and again.

ES: hacer algo una y otra vez o seguir haciendo algo.

Ej. “She keeps on being late”.

keep (sb/sth) away 

ES: Mantener alejado

Ej. You should keep that coffee away from the keyboard.